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Building experiences

Co-Founder & Creative Producer


I help professionals break down the silo mentality by creating a culture where there is division of labor but not division of information.

Founded in 2015 by five local artists from Porto, Portugal, Openfield Creative Lab sets out to explore the powerful combination of art, technology, and science, to deliver fresh and immersive experiences.

The team at Openfield Creative Lab has come together to create a wide range of interactive and performance-based media artwork that has helped shape how audiences perceive artistic experiences in both public and private spaces.​

We specialise in multi-sensory experiences, combining video, sound, light, architecture, and interaction, and apply generative design and artificial intelligence to their process, translating data to meaningful artworks, turning algorithms into creative partners.

The five members of founders are Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, the soul behind sound design, Ivo Teixeira, the plastic artist mediating the dialogue between concept and art work, Nuno Carvalho, the architect responsible for keeping it real, Rodrigo Carvalho, the wizard taking care of the interaction design, and Tiago Gama Rocha, the bridge that allows for the interaction between different fields.

Portfolio (selected list)

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