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Creative Boutique

Co-Founder & Creative Strategist


I straddle the business and creative sides of advertising, as my work is two positions rolled into one: Media Planner and Creative Beast.

In 2017, together with Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Miguel Góis, and João Rito, we created [nome inglês com style] , a creative boutique that offers strategy, creation, and production of communication contents for clients from a wide range of businesses.


For us, humor is not just a form of entertainment. Humor is not one-dimensional. The various, and diverse forms of humor can be controlled or adapted to reach a well defined target audience to whom the message is intended. And, fortunately, the advertising world is moving away from the ancestral idea that humor discredits the message.

On the contrary, to be seen and heard, advertising is evermore feeling the need to move closer and closer to entertainment. For instance, there's so much fusion food, why can't there be fusion advertising? And we, at [nome inglês com style], believe that laughing is always good! Humor generates emotion, and emotion captures attention. It is a great tool that facilitates the understanding of the arguments and the creation of memories.

In this sense, positive stimuli, emotion, attention, and understanding of the message are key elements to position brands in the public's mind, and ultimately, for every work we do, be it researching, teaching, managing, leading, creating, or ideating.

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