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Sparking Innovation

Co-Founder & Hackathon Specialist

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I use Hackathons as an instrument to spark innovation on a multitude of different fields.

Communication, outreach and work across disciplines are key to contemporary innovation. EMERGENCE Hackathon offers a unique opportunity to delve into a transdisciplinary work process by facilitating the collaboration between innovators and institutions as a trusted third-party. During an intensive week, internal stakeholders get to work with highly skilled professionals in art, programming, communication, and research, to develop innovative project. 

EMERGENCE Hackathon is built from premisse that what detaches the innovation unfolding in today’s world from the preceding era is the combinatory force behind digitized powered innovation. Because digital goods are non-rival – they don’t decay or get dry out – it is now possible to combine multiple layers, and generations, of digitized innovation, to foster new innovations. In other words, innovation and technological progress is now sprouting from simply recombining things that already exist.

In an intensive 5 day-long event participants are immersed in a purely collaborative training setting, where they are assisted by experienced professionals in the process of exploring various new media technologies, such as interactive and XR tech. By the end of the 5 days, each team is expected to deliver an experiential new media functional prototype.

Latest Hackathons

Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Arquipélago — Arts Center

2019 — 2021

i3S Consortium

2019 — 2022