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Lasers de São João, was the first of the Laserfield series.  It was an immersive laser installation created in the city of Porto to commemorate the city’s patron, São João.


The installation was presented from June 17th to 25th at General Humberto Delgado’s square, in front of the town hall.


The visual and sound content was predefined in a timeline, running in twenty minutes’ loops. The score was divided in four sections, each one related to four different  S.João’s folk and pagan traditions (bonfire, waterfall, summer solstice and fireworks).


In each section the colors, visual shapes and soundscapes were different relating to the section’s theme.


June | Porto 2016

Client: Câmara Municipal do Porto 

Interactive Design: Rodrigo Carvalho
Art Direction: Ivo Teixeira
Sound Design: Francisca Rocha Gonçalves

Executive Production: Nuno Alves de Carvalho
Creative Producer: Tiago Gama Rocha

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