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UT Austin|Portugal

Collaborative, innovative research on cutting edge problems facing media businesses and processes.

The research questions were sufficiently complicated, and went across enough disciplinary fields, that I saw myself entering in science-ficthemes.


So, to study journalism, attention, emotion, and technology in its full flavours, required a lot of different perspectives and variety of different disciplinary expertise.  

Accordingly, an interdisciplinary scientific team came together. This team had to work in a synergistic fashion, where all the members had to argue among themselves, and by doing so, all advanced the intersection of the fields, each one's parent discipline, and thus transformed the way each of the members thought about the problem. 


To put it simple, to approach interconnected issues, challenges, and problems, it takes an holistic, flexible, adaptive, and continuously integrative organisational framework that promotes the interaction between different disciplinary expertise. This is something we need to try to build, and reward, in research and development teams, so that the next generation of professionals and scientists are not faced with the obstacles that currently exist.

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