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Tiago Gama Rocha, ISMAI, Jornalismo, Journalism, Technology, Communication, Information, data
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TIago Gama Rocha, Academia de Software, Tecnologias Avançadas, TIC, ICT, Information, Technology, Communication.JP
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Regardless of the course, school, Faculty, our University, I create a learning environment that shatters siloed approaches to knowledge.


I strive to inspire students to acknowledge that we can longer afford to think in silos, and that the collective will achieve better results than the individual.


This is the first step in a long journey to allows us to ask, and answer, more complex questions in a very sophisticated fashion.


Nevertheless, it is granted that one cannot contribute to an interdisciplinary team if one does not have a disciplinary expertise.


So, it all begins with learning of a discipline well, but recognising the importance of related disciplines.


In this context, the professionals, researchers, and students, that share a classroom with me, do not need to set aside the cumulative knowledge from all the previous years of education and practice.


What is needed is a mindset open to work at intersection of the fields that are driving progress in the techno-social context of our era.


(selected list)


Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Doctoral Program in Digital Media

2019 - Ongoing

• Acquiring skills regarding the organization and leadership of scientific events

• Promoting involvement in exploratory scientific projects

• Developing creative solutions to solve concrete problems

• Producing Creative Colab, a scientitic event, which relies on the active participation of students, both in the preparation of the event and during the event itself. (further information on past editions available here:


Instituto Universitário da Maia

Master in Multiplatform journalism

2019 - Ongoing

• Exploring the relationships across traditional and digital forms of communications technologies and information delivery systems

• Assessing the ways in which economic concerns such as media consolidation, technological innovations (e.g., smartphones and blogs), and audience interactivity from social media impact the news media as both an industry and a vehicle for public information

• Fuelling the migration towards a true multi-platform approach


@ everywhere that it makes sense

2012 - Ongoing

• (2019) Science Communication Hackathons, Doctoral Program in Digital Media (FEUP, UP)

• (2019) Entrepreneurship in the Age of Data, MA Multimedia Engineering (IFEUP, UP)

• (2019) Entrepreneurship in the Age of Data, MA Multimedia Engineering (ISTEC)

• (2018) Metaphors and Numbers, A brief history of the Internet, Doctoral Program in Digital Platforms Communication and Information (deca, UA)

• (2018) Personalisation in the age of Data, Programa Doutoral em Informação e Comunicação em Plataformas Digitais (deca, UA)

• (2018) How can the field of Science Communication be more effective in the Attention Economy, SciComPT (livro de actas)

• (2018) EMERGENCE Digital Media Science Communication Hackathon, Ciência 2018 , Presentation at Science and Technology Portugal Summit


• (2012) Emergent Business Models for the Media Industry, Merging: Dropping in the ocean (Universidade Católica do Porto)

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